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CATCH US @ Jalapeno Tree Mexican Restaurant
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East Texas Trout Stocking Schedule!

April 19, 26: Orvis Dallas 101 Trout Classes - Dallas, TX

April 26 ETFF CLUB OUTING: Lake Bob Sandlin - Pittsburg, TX

May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31: Orvis Dallas 101 Trout Classes - Dallas, TX

May 3: Warmwater Fly Fishing Expo - Natchitoches, LA

May 4, 18: Orvis Dallas 201 Trout Classes - Dallas, TX

May 19 ETFF Meeting: TBA - Longview, TX

May 30 - June 1: Texas Women Fly Fishers Outing - Tyler, TX

May 31: 5th Annual World Championship Bass On The Fly Fishing Tournament - Lake Fork, TX

May 31, June 28: Orvis Dallas 301 Trout Classes by Rob Woodruff - Dallas, TX


Fly Tales

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“Real Guys,” writes Scott Sadil in Fly Tales, his new collection of literary essays, “belong to an inner circle of expert anglers - men and women of rarefied gifts whose skills and knowledge and perhaps fortune of good breeding have positioned them in territory the rest of us can only glimpse or occasionally admire.”

But are Real Guys real? Follow Sadil through more than three dozen essays as he aims for membership into that “cadre of insiders” who, he wants to believe, rarely if ever suffer the kinds of defeats that he has known all too well throughout his angling career. In the tradition of fine literature from hearth, home, & afield, Sadil completes each lesson with his pattern for a fly that has proven integral to these gracefully articulated steps along his arduous journey to fish like a Real Guy.

Fly Fishing Tips

The Pitfalls Of Fly Line Backing Material

Article Courtesy of Howard Malpass, The Grey Wolf Fly Shop

There have been many conversations regarding the strength of FLY LINE BACKING MATERIAL. In some corners the question has gone from suspicion to outright fraud regarding some of the line companies!

Scientific Angler was approached regarding the breakage problem of their line. One individual provided his own testing results regarding the 30lb backing and its failure at 16 lbs.! Now that is a socking issue no matter who you use.

After several conversations with the company they noted the “breaking strength” is not to be approached in a full straight jolt! It is meant to only take it on during a gradual phase, as you would fighting a fish having a drag in the active position. The only problem is that you never know just when you will get a large fish or keep it under 16 lbs!

This calls into play the larger reels and fishing locations for the most part. If all you are going after is just fresh water fish, with a 5-6 wt rod, you will most likely never even get into the backing.

For the most part, fresh water fish are controlled by “stripping” your Fly Line, and you will never get into the backing, however when you get to larger fresh water fish such as large Strippers, Northern Pike, large Grayling, Steelhead and many others.

Standard backing which is normally placed on your Fly Reel is 30 lb. test. The line is woven 6 – 8 strand Dacron line. When you go to the larger line set you will go up to 50 – 75 lb. backing. As you go to the Saltwater Fly Line, you will naturally go up in the strength of your backing because it will play a more important part in your fishing experience.

When you go to the store and try to decide between Dacron and Jel Spun lines, you will need to know more than if it looks good!

Gel Spun works great if you are going after monsters such as Steelhead, Tarpon or Dorado, but for the average Fly Fisherman, my money is on Dacron. Dacron is easy to tie and doesn’t cut you. Yes….CUT YOU! The biggest problem is when you have your line stripped out and laying in the water. The more line in the water the less control you have on the fish itself! When you have hundred + yards of backing out plus your line out on a large fish, your Jel Spun Line will have an adverse effect on your guided if they are not ceramic guides. The Jel Spun will actually cut into your guides if you are not cautious. This is not to say the Jel Spun is not a great backing to use when on a large outing with Tarpon, but you run a greater chance of cutting yourself. The design of the Jel Spun line is such that it will cut you! It WILL cut you on your fingers.

While you are reeling back on the spool and fighting a fish, the Jel Spun line will cut down between the existing line and bury itself causing a problem with the line at a later time.

If you are a serious Saltwater Fisherman, the Tufine XP 50 lb. or 65 lb. braided backing. This will stand up for all the work you can give it. Put it on 250 yard spools and up for the best reaction. There are many others to choose from but remember the best rule of thumb is do not expect them to hold up beyond the stated weight or even less!

When you do your own testing of any Fly Line Backing, always do it as a wet test. Use a container of warm water, maybe some salt in it as well. Let the line set for a few hours and then use the stress test. A DRY test means absolutely NOTHING and you will be very disappointed!

Now you come to connecting your Backing to the Fly Line. Remember, you can always use the “Nail Knot” when you are using line of a 7-8 wt. and under. When you go past that, you may consider a “Double Albright Knot”. I personally do not trust a nail knot when having any heaver line on it. The chance for it pulling apart is much greater. Of course….. you can always use a “loop – loop” connector if you wish. I personally do not use them, nor do I use the Chinese Finger Cuff style connectors.

    Tight Lines and Great Fishing!
      - Howard Malpass

Fly Fish Different

Don't like fishing from shore, wadding, float tubes, canoes and kayaks? Give a Fly Fishing Paddle Board a try.

Here’s why SUP boards (Stand Up Paddle boards) are the rage! They’re ten times easier to mount and stand on than a surf board because of built in stability. That, along with the exercise factor are huge selling points. With regard to the exercise factor, your outdoors – not stuck in a storefront gym that never seems to lose its foul odors. Last but not least, SUP board users aren’t 20 year old kids with six-pack stomachs, gymnasts, pro surfers or a workout rats with muscles in their ears. A fit 70 year old on one as well as a 7 or 8 year old with a pair of pooches on a SUP.   Read more...

Butter Stick - Classic FlyRod Action

Faster Action Fly Rods are not always better! A lot of times a slower more forgiving rod is just right. The Redington Butter Stick is made from high modulus fiberglass, w/ premium components, retro styling, all at a phenomenal price. The Butter Stick has enough flex to deliver delicate presentations, but all the strength to reach fish on the far bank.   Read Review

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